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David FunN Makes the Magic
Happen in Your Hands

David FunN specializes in children's and young adult entertainment!!

David has special programs designed for children as young as 2 years old. His gentle, but animated style, quickly wins over his younger audiences. Children love his LIVE RABBIT, as well as his rabbit puppet, Rufus.


David FunN's Birthday Party Show turns the birthday child into the star, while also involving all of the children at the party.

The Birthday child

  • helps David produce his LIVE RABBIT, which ends up right in the birthday child's hands

  • gets turned into a magician, or the princess, Cinderella.

  • turns a small piece of tissue paper into a 25 foot multicolor stream


  • gives free magic wands out to all of the children at the party

  • gives a balloon animals to everyone

  • brings a sound system with music coordinated with the show

Many parents and teachears are amazed that David can keep children involved and entertained for up to an hour. He is a regular entertainer at many preschools and day camps in the Long Island and New York City area, as well as upstate New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Columbus, Ohio.

David is an active member in the Society of American Magicians and regularly participates in Kidabra, the International Festival of Children's Entertainers.

David FunN entertains at birthday parties, Christenings, Communions, Bar or Bat Mitzvahs, Corporate events and outdoor functions. He arrives at your event ready to perform and brings everything he needs with him. All the hosts need supply are people ready to be entertained.

David is fully insured!

David FunN, Double the "N"s for Double the FunN!

For More Information, call 516-334-6636 or click here